My little invention.


I don't want to get up every morning. I always want to sleep in.


Even if my mother called me again and again, I was reluctant to get up.


So, I thought of inventing a set of multi-functional pajamas, pay attention to their sleep time and quality.


The ideal pajamas are made of milk protein fiber, with light and elegant colors, which are suitable for family wear and have the function of calming the eyes and calming the mind.


It can start the automatic adjustment function according to the indoor temperature. It will feel very comfortable to wear. It has good hygroscopicity and ventilation.


When you get home every day, you can change into your pajamas. When it comes to the pre-made bedtime, your pajamas will send out a pleasant smell of milk and accompany you to sleep leisurely.


In the morning, when you have enough sleep, the smell of pajamas has changed, which makes people feel refreshed. The vibrator hidden in the pajamas also starts to dance, which makes you feel uncomfortable lying in bed. You want to jump up and devote yourself to study and work energetically.


Pajamas as long as you give it life, it can bloom unexpected splendor, set off our life more wonderful.



The Telephone

The telephone is one of the most welcome and useful inventions.No wonder more and more families have got to use their own telephones today.

The telephone makes things easy in many ways.Especially,after the mobile telephone appears,communication becomes easier and rapider.To students and people going out for business far away from their homes,the telephone can shorten the distance between them and their families.Thus they will get comfort whenever they are homesick or they run into trouble.With the help of the telephone,people can keep in touch with anyone at any time and in any place for urgent help.

All in all,the telephone is so helpful that we can say that nowadays we can not live without the telephone in our daily life.We will further improve the performance of the telephone so as to create better conditions for its development.





我最喜欢的一项发明 关于电脑 英语作文

The invention of the computer, apart from what anybody has told you, started around 2000 years ago.

The computer started out as an abacus. An abacus is a rack made of wood with two wires running parallel to each other. On the wires there are beads. By moving the beads anyone can solve simple math problems. Next, there was the Astrolabe, used for navigating.

The first digital computer was invented in 1642 by Blaise Pascal. It consisted of numbers entered in dials but, it could only add. However in 1671 a computer was invented that was eventually was built in 1694.

The man to credit for this invention is Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz. Unlike Pascal’s Leibniz’s could add and multiply. Leibniz also invented the stepped gear mechanism for the addend digit introduction, and to this day is still being used.






TV is very important in our life.


We can get to know all kinds of events around the world.


We can know the weather,information,laws,knowledge and so on.


After busy work,we can watch some funny programs to relax.


TV benifits us,but sometimes it has bad influence.


Some students watch TV day and night.It influences their lessons.


Some programs are not good for children.


So we should choose proper programs at proper time for people in different ages.



the most important invention to me

There are many remarkable inventions in the world such as computers,televisions,radios,modern vehicles and so on.Each of them is playing an essential role in our lives.However,for me,the most important one is mobile phone.

The first mobile phone in the world was invented in late 1970s.With the rapid development of electronic equipment and radio technology,mobile phone is getting smaller and smaller and more and more multifunctional.Nowadays,people are able to use a cell phone to make a call,search information or even shop online.How awesome it is!

As for me,I usually use my cell phone to contact my friends,relatives,colleagues as well as clients.Modern technology makes it possible for us to communicate conveniently with those away from us.It is quite unthinkable for me to live at a time when cell phone has not been invented.