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  italian second fiddle, rumba, area. located in the po valley, the alps northwest area. population 158.1 million (1982). founded in the 4th century. the west roman empire for 395 capital. in 1162 in caerphilly, and with the holy roman empire twice in the war, urban almost all destroyed. in 1796 by napoleon occupied, built for milan republic capital. in 1859 into the kingdom of italy. the nation's largest commercial and financial center. a car, motorcycle, airplane, electrical appliances, railway equipment, metal manufacturing, textile, clothing, chemical, food industry etc. railway, highway project. through the po tributaries are canal river and the fellowship's tim, river. milan cathedral is one of europe's biggest gothic architecture, was one of the marble in 1386. and the famous art palace, pull, carla theatre and the museum, etc.

  milan is located in south east of venice, the alps, west, south, genoa in turin is north of lake como is. milan is italy's second-largest city, the most important economic centre, have "economic capital," said.

  milan was founded in april, the first century park before the second world war, serious damage, during the postwar reconstruction. downtown club grimmauld square, the gothic church stands, mozart was one of europe's most famous one of three cathedral. a group of north square buildings, says victor arch? essien's manu, the "ten arcade" glyph, 200 meters wide, 100 meters, built in 1887. the glass cover on top, the ground uses marble slabs. here is the most flourishing

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region, milan, each class store concentrate on that. the lights on the most popular, it said essien manucho gholam night gallery. this is the biggest north italian opera, opera. it is one of the world's land, longing actor "opera mecca". at present, china's shanghai with milan has sister city knot.

  climate: warm, dry seasons distinct, summer and winter rain. therefore, in spite of the high temperature of summer in the shade, but again and indoor but cool, even feel some cold at night.

  attractions: carla theatres, churches, santa maria gratitude, bishop of milan cathedral, science and technology museum, galleries.

  specific introduction:

  milan, italy (milano) having goosebumps each the leading italian: economic and industrial modern city, now already is one of europe's most impressive cities, the 14th century italy

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in the main building construction essence, full centre for the small and beautiful new vision of graceful mist and fantasy, showing romantic tender feelings and human longing for the future. milan in europe and north and south of the kind of thing, and in the fertile plains provides with the urban developing economic elements.

  history: milan in southern alps, the po valley. in 600 years before the celtics in milan areas around. before the roman republic in 222 occupation. gradually become italy trade city, the 3rd century bc, roman emperor, and formal delimit property became the christian promotion center in western civilization, is the important region started. in the 4th century, in the holy ambrose doing here bishops and theodosius for the roman emperor, milan have short time become the capital of the roman empire, then

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milan is europe's second-largest city, about 30 million inhabitants.

  in short, zhalidadi once in 774 conquer milan. 962 until the year in milan before returning to italy. the 11th century to regain its importance when milan, italy in other cities, the leader of the holy roman empire from actually won independence. the plague epidemic 1349 years without involving milan, but 1402 years (50,000 deaths), 1542 (80,000 people died in 1576), (about 17,000 people dead and kills years (70,000 killed the plague was) left a deep wound.

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