Hello,everyone! Today Im very glad to tell you about my family. I have a happy family. There are four people in it. They are my father、my mother、my little brother、and I.My father is working in anther city.He is so busy that he has no time to come back to see us. We miss him very much. My mother is a housewife .Every day,she cooks delicious meals and does a lot of housework.My brother and I are both students.We work very hard.

  In my family ,there are lots of happinesses around me.I love my family!




  I like animals very much. I have a dog, It’s my favourite animal. It’s white, It looks like a snow ball. It has two big eyes and ears. But its nose and mouth are very small. It’s very naughty.

  It often stares at my food when I have a meal. When I’m home it follows me all the time.

  When I do my homework, it often sits beside quietly, but sometimes runs around me and shouts: wom wom.

  I like my dog very much.




  当我做我的功课时,它常常坐在周围静静的,但有时也会跑到我身边,并大叫:汪汪 汪汪。



  Miss Qin is my favorite teacher. She teaches us Chinese. She is lovely lady

in her thirty-two years old. Her warm smile and black long hair are her symbols. My classmates like her very much, because she is always kind to us. In my view, she is a wise teacher. She tells us many stories to us. It seems she knows everything. Besides, she writes good articles. She tells us if we want to write good articles, we should read books as much as we can. She always cares much about us. I think this is
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important for a good teacher.


  Good environment can make people feel happy and fit . To improve the environment means to improve our life. We should plant more trees and flowers around us . We shouldn’t cut them down . We should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air. Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins. Never spit in public. Don’t draw on public walls. It’s our duty to protect the environment.



  A Happy Day in Spring

  It’s spring. It’s sunny and cloudy today.

  There are many big trees in the park. Mr. Black’s family have a picnic in a park. They bring many food there. They bring fruit, drink and bread. Mr. Black and Mrs. Black talk with each other. They talk very happily. Ann reads a magazine. Tom likes flying a kite. The kite flies very well. They are hungry now. They want to eat their food. They are very happy.


  My family

  There are four people in my family, my father, my mother, my sister and me. My father likes reading. My mother likes cooking. They both work in Leliu. They always go to work by car. They work hard.

  My sister and I are pupils. I study in the primary school affiliated with Shunde No.1 Middle School. My hobby is collecting coins. My sister studies in Xishan Primary School. She likes watching TV. We love our family very much.





  My best friend is Mary. She lives in a tall building. She lives on the fifth floor. Everyday she takes the lift up and down. She is twelve years old. She is tall and thin. She has short black hair, two big eyes and a small mouth. She is very cute. I like playing with her. We are in the same class. I like to read books but she likes playing games. She likes to eat popcorn and ice creams. I like them, too. Her favourite food is fish, so she is clever. She loves her cat. She often plays with her. The cat likes Mary, too. They are cute.

  Do you have a best friend? Can you tell me something about your friend?


  This is me

  Hi! My Chinese name is Ma Fangyu. My English name is Jane. I’m a happy girl. I live in Nanzhuang Cun. My birthday is in December. My favorite colour is purple. My favorite pet is lovely dog. I have two big black eyes. I like English very much. Every day I go to school on foot. I like my school. There are 25 students in my class. I love my school. This is me.




  Friend are very important in our life.Everyone have they own friend,and they also have best friend.Of course,I have some friends,I will never forget my best friend.He is a very outgoing and kind boy.He likes playing basketball best.And he change me a lot.I used to be shy.And one day I left my pen at home,we have a math test that day.I was very neverous but I afraid to borrow from others.At this time,he lend a pen to me,and he said:"Do you need a pen?Here you are!"I was deeply moved.And we bcecame good friend since then.I became outgoing because of his help.I will never forget him!


  My English teacher has a big house。

  It has a living room, a big dining room, two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms and a big kitchen。

  In the living room, there is a big picture, four brown sofas, white fans and blue walls。 The TV set is big。 There is a big Chinese knot on the wall。 There are lanterns below the lights。 I like them。

  This is my English teacher’s house。